You know its bad when…

You look forward to work just to get your mind off things…

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Not a spare moment

Sometimes I feel like I don’t have a spare day or moment to just sit and relax.

Like how hard is it to have a weekend where I can just chill at the beach without having to do homework?!


I need a break….

for example, I’m at work right now and writing this tumblr post lolol 

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As you may notice I’ve changed my tumblr title to Overflow based on a devotional with Pastor Kenny from Psalms 23:5. I want my next year in college to be one of such closeness to God that His love will overflow from me unto others around me.

I had a blast at session 2. I am so thankful to God for how he used serving campers to reaffirm my faith and show me just how powerful He is. I was so amazed by how He was able to move in campers even when we didn’t feel like anything we were saying was getting through. I had a great time being goofballs with my bro Justin and its been such a long time since I laughed so hard from all the antics of Mary, Victor, Justin, and Henry. I’ll miss them and I sincerely hope that my summer 2013 works out so that I can volunteer for at least 1 session again. For me this session seemed to be more about spiritual renewal  but it got pretty emotional at the end as I said goodbye to Terrence, Raymond, Elias, and Chris who I have seen grow up for the past 3/4 years. The way each have grown especially Chris and Elias makes me proud and honored to have been part of their lives. However, I feel like it was also one of rejuvenation in the sense that it reminded me of my passion for kids. Something I hope that I’ll never lose.

A few thoughts to take away from camp before I wrap it up and head to the sack:

1. Jon Yan reminded me that the Sabbath isn’t about going to church but it’s about resting and devoting the day to God. It can be on any day, even like Wednesday.

2. I was reminded of such blessings such as camp and my family.

3. I loved how Manni described walking through the wilderness. “The only two things we are assured is that the sun will light the day and the moon will shine at night”. Wow. how faithful is God?

Most importantly, I was reminded that I was made perfect in God’s image and made for more than anything that this world has to offer.

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End of Summer


It’s that time of year again….. TIME FOR CAMP!!!!!!!

WOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!!! The only thing I’m looking to get out of camp is to grow more in Him. To find some peace and solace before another hectic semester of college begins. Not like fun rest but like REAL PEACE while serving a bunch of crazy kids…. Ironic no? but it always happens

Anyways, a few thoughts about summer since I really need to sleep cause I have to be up and on the road in 6 hours.

1. I was really impressed by how some kiddos grew.

2. I’ll miss my bros even though I rarely saw some of them due to scheduling and work (we need to catch up)

3. Only one sleepover this summer? LAME

4. Looking forward to thanksgiving. I’ll miss my friends back home a lot. they’re always such a great support group and I always love catching up with them. haha

5. As I grow older, I feel like I get more distant but closer to old friends. It’s really sad but its an unescapable fact of life…. 

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visited HGC session 1 yesterday/2 days ago depending on how you wanna look at things

lol… Initially I really wanted to go up because Grace and Jess wanted to and just to be up at camp and enjoy it. Sure I definitely used “to encourage the counselors” as an excuse but nahhh I really only wanted to go up to be at camp!

I wasn’t actually expecting to see any kids too which was pretty funny because the first thing Carmen said to me was “Titus is over there”. It was pretty surprising because 1. I didn’t even know he was going and 2. thats an odd way to greet someone

LoL it was really encouraging to see my camp kids and how they’ve grown. especially Titus. Yes he is ONE of two of my favorite campers lolol

And I’m not gonna lie, it felt awesome to hear the other counselors say that my old kiddos were talkin about me lol :D



tho the olympics are awesome too :)

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The awesome moment when….

You’re pissed off like no other but you gotta put on a smile and answer questions from people and phones politely for 3.5 hours.

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The wonderful feeling when you know you’re gonna fail a test because you went through the lectures and powerpoints and is still lost…..

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HGC 2012

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14. Your greatest fears.

lol this should be hard but it’s surprisingly simple

One of my two biggest fears is that I’ll be forgotten. I want to make an impact so that I know that my life meant something to someone. I want to know that the time I’ve lived, I’ve somehow invested in other people in a positive way. I want people to feel sad when I’m gone…. yes its a little selfish but I want to matter. and It hurts when people act like I’m forgettable

My biggest fear, however, is surprisingly Asian. It may even be part of the “oldest sibling” syndrome. I am afraid that I will be a disappointment to my family and friends. I don’t want my parents to have any regrets and worry about their future, especially financially. I want them to be proud in the choices I make and the future I live.

I want to be the one my parents brag about at family gatherings.

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13. What you’ve learned recently.

lol imma take the easy one out and quote one of my earlier blog posts:


I was thinking over some things yesterday and I think I have a stronger understanding of why I felt such darker/ was in such a darker mood second semester. Heck, I know tons of people would have killed for my freshman year of college… Two 4.0 semesters, acceptance into the honors fraternity Iota Alpha Tau, executive board of two clubs (Air Traffic Control Organization, AcaFellas), and honors stuff giving me a lot of professional connections, and a lot more…..

But Im not really satisfied. No, rather I’d be willing to trade those for a campus community that I can be myself. Where i have “brahs”. I know on campus I put on this image of a guy who seems to have everything working out… But its the opposite really… Sometimes I think loneliness is the worst feeling in the world. Especially when you feel like no one really knows you when youre surrounded by your closest friends. Then coming to realize that you arent even really close with people you used to be close friends with. I cant blame them though because you move on in college and make friends and begin to live separate lives….

So want a harsh truth Ive come to realize?
One of the reasons i love air traffic control is because I’m good at it. Heck even better than most of the students who are actually taking the tower classes according to the professors and TAs. Why? Because so often during second semester, I felt that controlling traffic was the only thing I had a firm grasp and control on. I knew I could tackle just about every scenario and most of the time end up on top. It cleared my mind on the other poop going on in my life and really boosted my self confidence. I was literally in control of everything in the tower sim. It didn’t matter if i was feeling lonely, i was the god of the sky.”

… This sounds really depressing so I’ll include this:

Recently, being back home… I’ve come to realize even though distance and time may wedge between you and close old friends, when we meet again, its such a good feeling and nothing really changes… If anything, the time and distance brings us closer…

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